AirFromThere® is introducing the world's first series of
 environmentally innovative, collectible memorabilia.
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• AirFromThere® "Completely new and Real Souvenirs."

AirTing™'s patented innovation collects and preserves exitement and wonder in the air at remarkable places, from our most significant cultral events.

Own a piece of the moment.

Sport fans at our greatest human contests, visitors to powerful venues, concerts, weddings, and travelling tourists each & all alike can cherish and preserve the memory of these defining moments using our patented devices.

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We believe our unique souvenir will mark the occasion in a more meaningful and special way than other souvenirs before. Ordinary and conventional souvenirs lack the actual content exposed during memorable experiences.

Activate your AirFromThere® product and fill it up with a part of any moment you cherish. What you're left with then, is an authentic piece of memorabilia. That's what we mean by 'real souvenirs'.


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